arte cubano contemporaneo


Procesual Art Studio. Linea Street between 4th and 2nd street, Vedado, Havana, Cuba. 2017

As a strategy of war in many moments of history, burning the land and moving to new territories has been the decision to take with the objective of defeating the enemy through attrition, forcing it to extend its supply lines due to the depletion of its vital resources. 
In the same way, the exhibition Tierra Quemada (Burned Land) proposes a look at the works that go beyond certain mediation, such as the professional career of the artists, or the processes that preceded the works; forcing it to extend the limits of aesthetic perception, due to the exhaustion of these mediations as a tool to evaluate current art. 
Tierra Quemada (Burned Land) proposes to understand the works for the works themselves based on a relatively arbitrary process of selection and relationship between them, where the only form of mediation could be the exhibition space and the museographic design to make coincide in the same space works of diverse origins and different conceptual directions coming from such distant contexts as Madrid and Havana. 

Spanish artists

  • Marina Vargas
  • Eugenio Ampudia
  • Democracia
  • Rubén Martín de Lucas

  • Cuban artists

  • René Peña
  • Jenny Brito
  • Alexis Leiva (Kcho)
  • Alejandro González
  • Yeny Casanueva
  • Marcel Marquez
  • Adonis Flores
  • Reinier Nande
  • Lázaro Saavedra
  • Alain de la Cruz
  • Adonis Ferro